"Quality is not an act, it is a habbit.!"

As Aristotle said we believe that quality is not an act of anyone or any company, it is must to be internalised by employee and organization. TetraPlas see that quality as essential to survive in the extremly competitive market environment.


TP has quite tough QC procedure in use based on ISO/TS 16949 structure. It can be summarised that QC approach at TP is TP's employee consider QC as an essential of providing customer satisfaction which is an essential of sustainable business success.


Staff: Experinced and capable staff with customer oriented mindset ensures the effective QC approach and practises are in place at TP. TP employed staff  as QC and Process Responsible who is operating at shopfloor in order to ensure to meet customer requirements  and efficiency target of TP. Tp believes that qulity should not be controlled instead it should be created. Due to that approach each and every production operator has the quality responsibility of their operations directly besides QC Inspectors and superiors.


Equipment: The staff of production operators and QC personnel are equipped with all necessary equipments such as Caliper, Height Gauge, 3D Scanner, Custom-made Quick Gauges and Control Fixtures which is co-designed and approved by Customers 



The Quality Assurance Approach of TP has been structered on several pillars suc as;


  • QC Data Collection

Internal: Scrap rate etc.

External: Customer Claim etc.

  • Analyse /Monitoring; Evaluation and KPI setting 

  • Internal/External (Customer) Audits: Product Audits with Customer Eye

  • Customer Feeadback: Regular communication

  • Benchmark (Product/Process): Competitor's product and process comparison

  • Best Practise Transfer

  • Past Problem Reflection/Lessons Learned

  • Personnel Training



TP principally structured its QMS based on TQM (Total Quality Management Systems). Since the aim of foundation of the company was to serve to Auto Makers and OEMs, TP implemented all necessary tools and infrastructure of ISO/TS 16949. The System was awarded with certificate of ISO/TS 16949 in May, 2017 and switch to IATF 16949 Feb 2018.


Besides TS certificate TP Quality System was awarded with the certificates of BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (replaced by ISO 45001:2018) Occupational Health and Safety Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System in 2016.

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TP's well equipped laboratory contributes TP's success of business through providing sophisticated tests in order to ensure that quality of product and process meet customer requirements properly.


Well known brand of test equipments are being operated by well-trained, capable and experinced Lab technicians.


  • 3D Digitizing ( Steinbichler Comet Plus )

  • Video Measuring Machine ( Mitutuyo QuickScope )

  • Tensile Testing ( Shimadzu Comparison AG-X )