TETRAPLAS, consider as one of the major goal, that to reduce negative impact to environment throughout entire processes considering needs and expectations of all interested (internal and external) parties in the scope of injection moulded automotive part production. 
We, as TP, declare and commit to comply with all effective rules and regulations including the local and necessary international legislation of Environmental Protection.
TP will take all necessary actions to;
  • Recycle the waste,
  • Reduce consumption of limited resources,
  • Prevent pollution caused by harmful waste,
  • Save the nature,
  • Not to harm the living creatures and pollute environment even support to recover it.
TP, will realize the continuous improvement activities in the scope of Environmental Management and Reducing Environmental Impact throughout the entire processes and risks will be minimised by this way.
TP identify and minimise the risks in the scope of Emergency Action Plan.
We, as TP, hereby, declare to identify and continuously review Environmental Goals and raise employee awareness about our Environmental Policy.