Engineering; "the achilles' heel of the organizations"


This is our philosophy that; "Engineering is achilles' heel of the organizations".


  • In order to sustain your successful business, you should make secure your customer satisfaction.

  • In order to secure your customer satisfaction, you should present them adventegous product and services.

  • In order to present your customer adventegous product and services, you should have more efficient and smartest products and processes.


So, Finally in order to do that, you definitely should have highly capable and advanced engineering organization which is far ahead of your competition.

Project Management


PM at TetraPlas structured on APQP process which is the essential of Automotive Industry as well as best fit to anyt others. PM ensures the followings;

  • Perfect understanding of customer needs

  • Product and Process Feasability

  • Creating Best design reflecting all know-how and expertise of TP

  • Obtaining Customer Approval for Design (Tooling GO)

  • Tooling and Equipment Manufacturing.

  • Tooling Trial

  • Prodcution Trial

  • Run@Rate

  • Excellent communication with customer at every phase of project.


Professionals and Know-How


TetraPlas proud of having experinced and skilled Engineering and Moulding Shop personnel consist of 6 people including


Team operates in two divisions as 


  • NPI (New Part Introduction)

  • RP (Revision/Maintenance) 


CAD, CAM, Process Engineering and MT (moulding&tool) Manugacturing  are the functions of the Team.

The average seniority of Team is around 7 years which contributes excellence of TP Engineering significantly.

Molding & Tooling Design and Manufacturing


TP has in-house mould and tooling design and manufacturing capability. In addiditon to that TP has significant experience on several projects that co-designed with Customer and External Design Ofiices.



CAD - Solid Works

CAM- Auton Esprit



CNC Vertical Machining Center

CNC controlled EDM

Manuel EDM

Milling Machine



Labour Force

TP has associates employed at Moulding Shop including Design Responsible, CAM Responsible, Chief Operator and Operators.


Engineering & In-house Testing Capabilities


Experience +Marketing Strategy +Historical Warranty & Quality Data +
Initial Product Trial Feedback +Market Research and Claims = TP Engineering


Comprehensive and detailed tests are very important for a successful engineering process. Reliability, quality and long life of the products can only be achieved this way. Some of these tests which TP Quality Lab is capable of are listed below.


  • 3D Digitizing ( Steinbichler Comet Plus )

  • Video Measuring Machine ( Mitutuyo QuickScope )

  • Tensile Testing ( Shimadzu Comparison AG-X )

Third Party Cooperations


We have strong relationships with well-known Plastic Raw Material Manufacturers that enable us to provide any spesific and detailed raw material and process information.


Thanks to our strong and long years relationship with those brands that we have access to their testing centers and laboratories to perform very sophisticated material tests.