Machine Park


TP has machine park that consists of capable and precious injection presses, robotic arms and other auxiliary production equipments.


Since the injection process is the heart of TP's production in order to reach targeted product and process quality level, TP machine park only includes high-precision and reliable German made ARBURG ALLROUNDER and Full Electric FANUC (Japanese made) injection moulding presses which enable to reach it. Presses in use will be switched completely hydraulic to full electric by end of 2021.


Pressing capacity ranging up to 200 tonnes which enables TP to produce part up to 0,65 kg.


The Injection presses were equipped with premium level and highly fast and precision Japannese made YUSHIN robotic arms in order to reach targeted efficiency and quality level as well.


The German made Motan sytsem that includes dehumidifiers and automotic loaders is also in use at TP. Thanks to the system that fully controlled system ensures TP product quality which is requested by highly demanding Automotive Customers. The system enables TP eleminated manual RM loading operation which increased process efficiency.